Check-In Process on the RXNT Check-In App

Check-in the patient

Upon logging in to the RXNT Check-In app, tap the Person Resource associated with the appointment needing to be checked in. 

Person Resource outlined.png

View appointments scheduled for the selected Person Resource for the current day. Tap on the intended patient to check them in for their appointment. 

Pt outlined.png

Patients scheduled for group appointments will be indicated by the group icon. Check in group participants individually. 

Group iocn.png

After selecting the correct patient, tap Check In.

After initiating a patient's check-in, intake forms that have been sent to the patient will display for them to sign.

Check-in outlined.png

Enter any four digit PIN, being sure to remember it.

First PIN.png

Verify the PIN by entering it again, then hand the device to the patient to complete the Check-In process.

second  PIN.png

Patient completes the intake forms

The patient's intake form(s) will display for them to complete, if applicable. To learn more about sending intake forms to patients, click here.


The patient must fill in the answers to the intake form questions and tap Complete.

Learn more about using intake forms to update patient demographics.


After completing all intake forms, the patient will be directed to the next step to pay their bill, if applicable.

View completed intake forms in the EHR

All completed patient forms are saved to the Patient Documents section of the Patient Dashboard under Electronic Patient Forms.


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