Patient Bill Pay, now on the RXNT Check-In App

After the patient signs their consent forms and verifies their demographic and insurance information, they will be directed to pay their bill if there's an outstanding balance.

 Make sure you are signed up for Payment Processing so that your patients can process credit card payments. This replaces the previous PayPal functionality in the Check-In app.

Select charges and payment amounts

The top of the screen will display the patient's account information and current balance.


All charges will be selected by default. Tap the checkbox for Select all to deselect all charges.


Tap the checkbox on an individual line item to select or deselect that charge.


Tap the payment amount on a line item to enter a partial payment amount.


The bottom of the page will show the patient's total payment amount.


Tap Pay Now to proceed.


Choose payment method

 If this is the patient's first time using bill pay, they'll automatically be prompted to add a new card.

Use a saved card

Tap on the dropdown to change the payment method.


The card display will show the selected payment source.

 For security purposes, only the last four digits of your saved cards will be shown.


Add new card

Tap + new card.


Enter a card name.


Tap on the correct card type.

 Only the card types displayed are accepted through online bill pay.


Enter the card information and associated address.


Complete Payment

Tap Back at any time to return to the previous screen.


Tap Pay Now to process the transaction and pay the bill.


The patient will see a confirmation that the payment was successfully completed.



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