Procedure Codes and Diagnosis Codes

Favorite a Procedure Code

A procedure code must be saved as a favorite for it to be available to add to encounters. 

Click Utilities. 


Click Practice Setup, then select Procedure Codes

All procedure codes come from the American Medical Association AMA These codes cannot get deleted. 

Deselect Only Favorite Records

Search for a Procedure Code

Click the heart to favorite. Filled in hearts are procedure codes that are current favorites. 

 Click on the Procedure Code to enter more specific details. 

In the Charge Transaction Code screen, you have the option to send the procedure code description on the claim. Just select the checkbox Send description on the claim and click Save.  Selecting this checkbox will automatically select the No Narrative box. Once this procedure code is used on the encounter, the associated Procedure Code description is sent on the shaded region of the line item on the print claims and the associated EDI segments.

Additionally, you can set the default Units, Modifiers, and Fee Schedules for the procedure code. 

Click the Blue+ button to duplicate the procedure code. 

Enter a new description for the Displayed Procedure Code, and click Save

Miscellaneous Charges

Click Practice Setup, Procedure Codes, and then select Miscellaneous Charges

The codes you've created for your practice will be displayed. To add a miscellaneous charge, click + New Miscellaneous Charges.

Miscellaneous charges that are not assigned to an encounter or payment can be deleted.

If charges or payments are tied to a patient's account, the Delete option won't be available. You can Deactivate the miscellaneous charge by clicking the Deactivate button on the bottom left side. 

Favorite a Diagnosis Code

Diagnosis codes that are added as favorites will be prominently displayed at the top of the dropdown list when adding them to encounters.

Click Utilities. 


Click Practice Setup, then select Diagnosis Codes.

All Diagnosis Codes come from IMO and cannot be deleted.

Deselect Only Favorite Records.

Search for a Diagnosis Code.

Click the heart in order to favorite. Filled in hearts are Diagnosis Codes that are current favorites.


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