Create and Edit a Miscellaneous Charge

Creating a miscellaneous charge

Navigate to the Utilities in the top right corner of the dashboard.


Click Practice Setup then Procedure Codes. Click the Miscellaneous Charges tab and then click New Miscellaneous Charges

In the Display Procedure Code field, enter the name of your miscellaneous charge. 

To include a description of the miscellaneous charge, add the description to the Display Procedure Code Description field. The Description/Comment field can be used to include additional descriptions and comments. 

The miscellaneous charge can be linked to a fee schedule by clicking on the Green + and selecting the fee schedule from the dropdown list. Add the Fee Amount and the Expected Rate if necessary. 

Click Save. 

Editing a miscellaneous charge

Click the Miscellaneous Code to edit an existing miscellaneous charge. 

Update the miscellaneous charge information and click Save.

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