RXNT's administrative fee feature allows doctor companies to charge patients a fee of any amount of choice for late statements. This will incentivize prompt payment and recoup administrative costs for multiple statement generation attempts.

Set up administrative fee

Click Utilities.


Click Preferences and Statement Settings

Click +New Statement.

Enter a fee in the Administrative Fee column for statement attempt numbers that need to be charged. It is not mandatory to have an administrative fee associated with all statement attempt numbers. 

Click Save

When the next statement cycle runs, an administrative fee will be generated based on the entries made in the statement settings. This will be added to the patient statement and the system will also generate an administrative fee encounter containing the details about the administrative fee generated.

Administrative fee encounter example

The generated administrative encounter will be in the Billed tab and the encounter status will be ReadyToBill. The administrative fee encounter is available for reporting in the Transaction Journal Report and Aging Report.

Patient statement with administrative fee example

The most recent administrative fee will be displayed above the other administrative fee.


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