Favorite a Procedure Code

Click Utilities. 


Practice Setup 

Procedure Codes. 

Note: All Procedure codes come from the American Medical Association AMA These codes cannot get deleted. 


Unselect the green Only Favorite Records. 


Search for a Procedure Code. 


Click the heart in order to favorite. Filled in hearts are procedure codes that are currently favored. 

Screen_Shot_2021-08-23_at_2.09.40_PM.pngMiscellaneous Charges

Practice Setup 

Procedure Codes 

Select Miscellaneous Charges. Below indicates what codes you've created for your practice. To add a miscellaneous charge, click on + NEW MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES to add. 


Note: The delete button at the bottom of the Charge Transaction Code screen will display if charges and payments are not assigned to an encounter. Charge_Transaction_Misc_code_.png

An example indicates that either charges or payment is tied to a patient's account. 



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