RXNT System Requirements

When accessing RXNT, it is crucial that your device is compatible with RXNT's system requirements to ensure optimal performance.

System Requirements

Component Recommended Minimum
OS Windows or Mac OS Windows or Mac OS
Resolution 1920*1080 at 100% zoom 1200*800 at 100% zoom
Processor 2 GHz 2 GHz
Screen Size 24 inch1 13 inch1
Internet Speed 25 Mbps 10 Mbps

1screen size specifications assume that the browser window is viewed in "full screen" mode, with no additional zoom applied in the browser application.

Supported Browsers

The latest version of Google Chrome (recommended), Microsoft Edge (Chromium Version Only), or Mozilla Firefox. 


RXNT is supported on Android or iOS through our mobile applications. Find our apps in Google Play or the App Store.

Browser Settings


Browser extensions may cause degradation of the RXNT solution.

Ad Blockers 

Ad blocker programs are not supported and may prevent RXNT from functioning properly in your browser.

Accessibility Settings 

Using accessibility settings that change colors, font sizes, and other on-screen items may prevent RXNT from functioning properly in your browser.

Cache & Cookies

Clearing your cookies and cache only takes a minute, but this needs to be done regularly to give you the best possible experience with RXNT.

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox

Clearing your cookies and cache begins by navigating to your browser. Open Google Chrome to begin.

When you open Google Chrome, you will be brought to this screen. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Click Settings


Within settings, click Privacy and Security and then select Clear Browsing Data.


Click Clear data.



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