"Base Units" Field for Anesthesia Procedures

Anesthesia procedure code's base units are determined by considering the intricacy, hazard, and expertise necessary for executing an anesthesia procedure. Billing managers have the option to input a numerical value in this category, which is factored into the unit calculation process.

Add base units

Click on Utilities.

Click on Practice Setup.

Click on Procedure Codes.

Click on the Procedure Code.

Check the Anesthesia Procedure checkbox. The Base Units field defaults to zero.

Enter the number of units in the Base unit(s) field.

Click on Save.

Apply base units

Click Encounters.

Click on New Encounter or an Existing Encounter.

Enter the Procedure Code for which the base units were entered and click on the Folder icon.

Enter the Service Date and Time and Service To Date and Time.

The Unit field will be updated with a value including the base units in the calculation.

Click on Save.

This value will be displayed in the Unit field on the encounter screen.

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