Add Administrative fee for patient statements

Add Administrative fee for patient statements

Users can now charge their patients an administrative fee for late statements. This allows users to

incentivize prompt payment and recoup administrative costs for multiple statement generation attempts.

Users have the flexibility to choose the amount they want to charge for every statement attempt

Steps to set up an administrative fee:

Access the administrative fee column:

Users click on Statement settings under the Preferences section in Utilities



Enter values under the administrative fee column:

Users enter a fee in the Administrative Fee column for statement attempt numbers that need to be charged. It is not mandatory to have an administrative fee associated with all statement attempt numbers. 


Save the entered values:

Users click on Save



When the next statement cycle runs, an administrative fee will be generated based on the entries made by the user in the statement settings. This will be added to the patient statement and the system will also generate an administrative fee encounter containing the details about the administrative fee generated. The generated administrative encounter will in the Billed tab and the encounter status will be ReadyToBill.

Administrative fee encounter example



Patient statement with administrative fee example

The most recent administrative fee will displayed above the other administrative fee.



Note: It is advised to print the statements including administrative fee from the system rather than sending it to the printing service.

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