We are excited to announce the restoration of RXNT’s Print Claim service following its disruption related to the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident. Please read the following update to understand important changes to this service.

What is RXNT’s Print Claim service?

  • RXNT’s Print Claim service allows claims to be submitted electronically with a CPID designated for paper claims. The claim is converted to a paper claim form and mailed to the payer address listed on the electronic form. 

What changes are being made to the Print Claim service?

  • Now that we have migrated to the Relay Exchange clearinghouse, the Print Claim service is back online. However, there has been a significant change to the process of submission. 
  • Prior to the Change Healthcare outage, Print Claim customers were instructed to use the Payer ID “SPRNT” for this service. Now, customers will need to use a new set of Payer IDs / CPIDs to ensure that Relay Exchange prints and mails claims.
  • To utilize this service, customers should access the Billing Utilities within the Billing product, locate the desired payer, and update the CPID fields based on Professional or Institutional claims, as well as the Payer category. CPIDs can be found below.

Professional Paper CPIDs 

  • 4320 Commercial Payers
  • 4322 Medicaid
  • 4323 Blue Cross Blue Shield

Institutional Paper CPIDs

  • 4350 Commercial Payers
  • 4352 Medicaid
  • 4353 Blue Cross Blue Shield

Please note: 

  • Relay Exchange does not maintain a database of payer addresses. If the payer address is incorrect, the claim form will not reach the payer. 
  • Any claims sent to Relay Exchange with the payer ID "SPRNT" should be re-submitted with the updated CPID to ensure that claims are printed and mailed to payers.
  • Once paper claims are mailed, there is no additional tracking available. Users must follow up with the payer for further status information.  


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