Managing Rendering Providers

To access information about providers, click Utilities in the top right corner. Click Providers and then Rendering Providers. From here, you can click on a provider name.    

Here you can view the Rendering Provider Profile and make changes. Once you have made changes, click Save.

  • The External Reference # is a number given to a provider from another vendor when an interface is used. It lets RXNT know what the provider receives via the interface and that it needs to be linked. 
  • The Rendering Provider Secondary Identifier lets you provide information you may not typically send to a payer. For example, a doctor might normally bill with a group NPI, but if a specific payer wants them to use their individual NPI, they can add that information here. The information listed in the Secondary Identifier field will go out on the claim form when that specific Payer is billed. 

Additional Providers

To access information about providers, click Utilities in the top right corner. AP1.png

Next, Additional Providers. From here, you can add or search for a provider. 

After selecting a New Provider, the provider profile must be set.
Check the box next to the type of new provider you would like to add.

The fields will automatically change, and you must enter the information for the fields with a red asterisk.

Note: You can also create a Secondary Identifier at the bottom of the screen.

Provider Type Information

  • Billing Providers list the providers whose services can be billed through the system for the practice.
  • The Rendering Provider is intended to designate the provider who is actually performing the service.
  • Referring Provider is a physician who sends a patient to another doctor for specialty care or services.
  • The Ordering Provider orders the patient's service, including labs, radiology, etc.
  • Supervising Provider is a provider overseeing the procedure. This Supervising Provider is in good standing and using their credentials for the NP, PA, etc.
  • Purchase Service Provider is any individual performing lab procedures at the practice or at an outside lab facility. The Payer requires this provider to be identified when selecting “yes” or “no” within the Transaction Code field. 
  • An Operating Physician performs an operative procedure in the Medical Center.
  • An Attending Provider is the physician who has overall responsibility for the patient's medical care and treatments.
  • An Assistant Surgeon helps surgeons with tasks such as making incisions, placing clamps, and closing surgical sites. 


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