An NDC, or National Drug Code, is a universal three-digit number that identifies a particular drug within the FDA Directory. When a medication is administered to a patient during a visit, three things are required for the claim: a valid NDC number, a decimal quantity administered, and the units of measurement.  

Follow the steps below to set up the NDC, quantity, and units within RXNT

NDC dosage calculation

Navigate to the Utilities


Click Practice Setup then Procedure Codes

Click on the Code that needs an NDC code added.

Enter the NDC Code. This value will be sent in a claim whenever this procedure code is used.

Enter a value in the NDC Drug Quantity field. This will be multiplied by the line item units entered in the claim.

Select the NDC Drug Unit from the dropdown menu. This value will be sent in a claim along with the NDC code and quantity.

Click Save.

In the future, every time a claim is sent with this procedure code, the associated NDC code, quantity, and unit will also be included. 


NDC dosage manual entry

The NDC dosage amount can also be manually entered within an encounter. This is helpful when the NDC quantity varies for the same procedure codes. 

Click Utilities


Click Practice Setup then Procedure Codes

Click on a procedure that needs a  NDC code.

Enter a value in the NDC Code field.


Click Calculate total NDC dosage manually checkbox. This will disable the NDC Drug Quantity field.


Choose a unit from the NDC Drug Unit drop-down. 


Click Save.


Navigate to the Encounters screen.


Create a new encounter and enter the same procedure code that was previously set up.


Click on the folder icon.


Enter the total dosage amount in the Total NDC Dosage Amount field.


Click Save.


Now the manually-entered NDC dosage will be sent in the claim, along with the NDC code and unit set within the procedure code.


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