Parking encounters can be a valuable tool for practices that require additional information before processing encounter charges. It allows practices to hold off on processing charges until they have all the necessary information. This can include waiting for documentation, clarification from providers, or verifying details. 

Unbilled tab to Park Encounters

To begin, navigate to the Encounters tab and click Unbilled.

Select one or more encounters that need to be parked.

Click on Park Encounter(s)

Group encounters

Alternatively, you can link the encounters to an already existing group by choosing one from the list of available groups. 

To add a new group, click Add New Group and create a Group Name.  

 Click Continue.

Manage parked encounters

You can locate your parked encounter anytime by navigating to the Parked tab with the Encounters module.

Here, you'll find a Group column that displays the chosen group for each of the parked encounters.

You can easily locate groups of encounters by navigating to the Group column and clicking on the header. 

Type in the group name to locate the records associated with that group. 

Once you've selected a group of encounters, click Save/Send Claim(s) to proceed with saving or sending the claims. 

Important information

If the Enable Encounter Parking company preference is turned Off and there are encounters in the Parked tab, those encounters will automatically move to the Unbilled tab.


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