Quickly park or set aside encounters until they are ready to be sent to the payer and avoid unnecessary denials from sending claims too early. 

Enable encounter parking

Let's start by enabling encounter parking. Click Utilities to get started. 


Click Preferences


Click Company Preferences


Turn Enable encounter parking to Yes.


Click Save.


Note: Logout of RXNT and log back in to apply your updated company preferences.


Let's park encounter

Now you are ready to park your encounters! To begin, access the Unbilled tab in the Encounters module.


Select one or more encounters that need to be parked.


Click on Park Encounter(s)


Group encounters

Before the encounters are moved to the parked tab, you have the option to associate the encounters with a group. Groups will allow you to easily find related encounters at a later time.

To add a new group, simply enter the group name.  


Alternatively, you can select an existing group by scrolling through the list at the bottom of the popup. 


Once you've selected the correct group for the encounters or determine that no grouping is required, simply click Continue.


Manage parked encounters

You can find your parked encounters at any time by accessing the Parked tab in the Encounters module.


Here you will see a Group column that will display the selected group for each of the parked encounters.


You can easily find groups of encounters by navigating to the Group column and clicking on the Filter icon. 


Enter the name of the group to quickly find the records linked to that group.


Once you have selected a group of encounters, simply click Save/Send Claim(s) to send or save the claims


Important information

  • If there are encounters in the Parked tab when Enable encounter parking company preference is turned OFF then the parked encounters will automatically move to the Unbilled tab.


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