A payment plan is convenient for patients to pay off their balances. This reduces patients' financial burden and ensures continuous income for practices. Apart from this, we are also providing an option to set up payment plans for zero patient balances so that payments can be made monthly to the patient fund, which will help patients pay future bills.

"Billing managers or associates can easily set up payment plans in the billing system. Online payment should be enabled for the company to set up payment plans."

Steps to set up a payment plan for a fixed term

Navigate to the patient dashboard.

Search for the patient.

Click on the Payment Plan button on the patient dashboard. A payment plan can be set up for zero patient balance as well.

Select the amount from the given options.


Enter a Custom Amount.

This amount will be paid monthly through the payment plan.

Click, Continue to Term.

Select the duration of your payment plan, you can choose to End after the balance is $0 or Custom Terms.

If you choose to End after the balance is $0.

Select or enter the First Payment Date. The earliest date that can be chosen is the next day's date.

The payment plan will remain active till the patient's balance is zero.  

If you choose Custom Terms.

Enter the number of Months for the plan's duration, regardless of the balance amount. 

Select or enter the First Payment Date. The earliest date that can be chosen is the next day's date.

Payments will be made through the payment plan on the same monthly date for the selected term.

Click, Continue to Payment.

Select a previously saved card or add a new card as the payment method.

This card will be debited monthly for the payment amount selected until the term is completed.

To select a previously saved card, select a saved card from the Select Card drop-down.


To Add New Card, enter the Card Name, Card Type, Card Number, and Expiration Date.

Click on Continue to Review

Click, Start Payment Plan

The payment plan is now active and it will remain active for the selected term.  

The Payment Plan button on the patient dashboard changes to View Plan.


  • When a payment is made through the payment plan, it will be an unapplied payment in the billing system. When the payment amount is applied, it will be deducted from the patient's balance.
  • The payment plan will be active for the selected term irrespective of whether the patient's balance is 0. Any amount paid after the balance is zero will go to the patient fund. 
  • Clicking on the Cancel button on any stepper will direct you to the patient dashboard and it will not save the payment plan.
  • Clicking on the Back button on any stepper will direct you to the previous stepper

Steps to view the payment plan

Click on the  View Plan button. This will remain on the patient dashboard while the payment plan is active.

By default, the Plan Details tab opens. This shows the details of the payment plan that was set up.

Click  on the Payment Summary tab

This tab shows the payment date and amount of the previous payments that were made through the payment plan.

If no previous payments exist it will display a message saying No previous payments exist.


Steps to stop the payment plan

Click on the View Plan button on the patient dashboard.

Click on Stop Plan.

This will stop the plan immediately and the View Plan button changes to Payment Plan on the patient dashboard.


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