RXNT allows you to accept credit card payments directly from the Billing module. All payments will be recorded and processed on the same screen, which will greatly simplify the payment process and save you time. 

All added credit cards can be quickly viewed and managed from the patient dashboard in Billing. 

Accept credit card payments

Navigate to the Patient Payment screen.

Click New Payment


Enter an amount in the Amount field.



Select the Method as Credit Card. The accept payment button will appear only when the chosen method for payment is a Credit Card. 




Click the Accept Payment button.


A pop-up appears to process the payment. Select an existing credit card from the Select Payment drop-down OR enter details for a new credit card.


Click the Submit Payment button to process the payment.

Delete credit cards 

Navigate to the Patient Dashboard.

Click the Cards icon.

A pop-up opens with all previously added credit cards for the patient. The cards could have been added from any of the following locations:

  • Payment Plan in Billing
  • Patient Payment in Billing
  • Patient Bill Pay 
  • Appointment screen in Scheduler

Any card with a check mark under the Payment Plan column indicates that the card is associated with an active payment plan. Hence, it cannot be deleted.

Cards not associated with a payment plan can be deleted by clicking on the Delete icon. 

Click Delete on the confirmation pop-up to permanently delete the credit card.

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