Generate a Patient Collections Report

The Collection Report can be used to send to your collection agency in an effort to recoup patient receivables. The Collection Report provides valuable insights into the financial status of the patient receivables, allowing you to identify and recover outstanding debts effectively. It offers a comprehensive overview of unpaid balances, payments history, and collection efforts, enabling strategic decision-making and improved cash management! 

Request a Collection Report

To get started, click Statements


Click the Collections tab, and then click Request Collection Report

The Request Collection Report button will be grayed out until the new collections report is ready.


View Collection Report

After the report has been generated, click View Collection Report.

A pop-up window for the Collections Report will appear.

To sort by a column, click on it's heading. The first click will sort the column in ascending order, the second click will sort the column by descending order. You can click Reset Grid to restore the original settings at any point. 

Click the CSV icon to download the Collections Report in the CSV format.

Click the PDF icon to download the Collections Report in the PDF format.


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