Follow the steps below to quickly create encounters in the RXNT system.

Encounters screen

Click on Encounters in the navigation bar.

 The Encounters tab consists of the following tabs:

  • Unbilled  
    • Review
    • Parked
    • Scrubbing for Errors
    • Corrections Required
  • Ready to Send
  • Billed

The Unbilled and Ready to Send tabs will automatically include all encounters for each status, and the dates in the top left will automatically populate based on your practice’s data. When these two tabs are selected, the date range cannot be locked. 

In the Billed tab, the last 31 days of encounters are displayed by default. The date range can be locked by less than or equal to 31 days and filtered based on the Service Date, Initial Billed Date, or Batch Date


Select or create an encounter

You can either select an encounter icon in the Unbilled tab or select New Encounter to create the encounter manually.


When selecting New Encounter, search for a particular patient. 

Enter the date of service, including place of service, provider, diagnosis codes, CPT codes, and other encounter details.
  The location type is shown before the place of service name to help choose the correct location for the encounter. However, the location name will be sent without the location type prefix in the Service Facility Location details (Box 32) of the HCFA claim form. The location type will be in box 24B of the HCFA claim form
You can also click the Copy last encounter checkbox to quickly populate the encounter details from the patient's previous encounter.
Click the arrow next to the Payment Details section to view payment details. The Payment Date shows the date on which payments were created and the Posted Date shows the date on which payments were posted. The Posted indicator when red, means the payment was unposted and the indicator in green means the payment was posted.
Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 4.53.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 4.53.04 PM.png
Click the arrow next to the Summary section to view details.
Once you have completed the information, the next step is to finalize and send the claim.
If you choose to select an Existing Encounter, the information that was released from the RXNT EHR will appear. The encounter can be edited and saved before submitting a claim.

Send or save claims

Click here to learn how to send or save claims.  

Settle encounters

Use the Settle Encounter(s) button on the Review and Parked tabs to settle any encounters with $0 balances.

Using this button will change the encounter status to Settled and move the encounter(s) to the Billed tab.


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