RXNT's data import tool allows you to quickly view charges and payments from your previous system and also provides the flexibility to import data that is most important to you.

Start the import

Navigate to the patient dashboard by typing the patient's name in the search criteria at the top of the screen.


Click Access at the top left of the screen.


View history data

The Account Summary screen provides a clear bifurcation between the charges, line items, and payments associated with charges. This data is included as part of your import files.  

On any row, click on the Expand icon.

In the section below, you will find the associated line item and payment details. 

Set up filters

The Columns and Favorites button can be found in the top right corner of each grid in the Account Summary screen. 

Click the Columns button and uncheck any boxes you’d like to hide within the Account Summary screen. Click Ok.

By clicking on the Favorites button, you will be able to save your view as a favorite. Give your favorite a name and click Save

Import charges and payments

After deciding on a particular row, click Import on the right-hand side to start the import process for any associated charges and payments.

A window will pop up with a review screen for every charge, insurance payment, and patient payment.

Make sure to review the information on each step. Click View Data at any time to reference details from the Account Summary. This will help fill out details accurately.

Once the data is complete and you’ve double-checked for accuracy, click Save and Next which will take you to the next step. Please note: After moving to the next step, the previous step can no longer be edited.

Fix any validation errors

If there are any validation errors, an error notification will display on every screen with incorrect or missing information.

After making corrections, click Save and Next again. If at any time you close out of a step without saving, only information from the previous steps will be retained.

Data import confirmation

Review the Confirmation message for accuracy and click Confirm to move forward.

By confirming, the associated charges and payments will begin an import into the RXNT system.

Claim import status

While an import is in progress, the status on the Account Summary page becomes Import in Progress. Once complete, the status will change to Import Successful.

Imported charges will have a Billed status and the associated payments will have a Posted status. Please note: we suggested that the AR is completely run down in your previous system before starting the cloud import process.

Cloud reports

RXNT provides an option to run reports solely on the cloud data. Please note: any imported payments or charges will no longer be included in cloud reports, however, the rest of RXNT reports can be used to report on the imported cloud data. 

Click the Reports drop-down and click All.


Under Custom Reports, click to run any of the following reports:

  • Charge Report: Displays the charges in the cloud for a selected date range.
  • Charge Revenue Report: Displays payments and the associated charges for a selected date range and criteria.
  • Aging Report: Display records with remaining patient and insurance balances.


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