Due to the Change Healthcare Cyber Attack, the Change Healthcare Customer Portal is offline. For concerns related to missing ERAs, please contact Customer Support.

There are numerous moving parts when posting insurance payments. Occasionally, you may encounter a situation where you see an ERA on a payer site or where you’ve received a payment but you are not seeing the ERA in RXNT.

In many cases, the ERA is still processing and you can expect the ERA to be available in RXNT within 2-4 hours. However, if 4 hours have passed and you are still not seeing the ERA, follow the steps below.

Requeue ERAs

Begin by logging into your Change Healthcare Customer Portal with the information provided to you on your enrollment assessment. If you do not have your login information, please contact Change Healthcare at 1-800-533-6968.

Click on Payments in the top navigation bar.


Select ERA Requeue by Check or ERA Requeue by Provider


ERA Requeue by Check ERA Requeue by Provider

If you select to  Requeue by Check, you will need to add a date range that is inclusive of the check you are looking to find. You must enter the check number or check amount. Then enter the Tax ID or NPI for the Rendering or Billing Provider associated with the check. Click Submit to search for the check.

To narrow your search results, you may add the payer ID associated with the ERA.

ERAs are only accessible for up to 15 months after the initial received date.



Clicking Submit will return all ERAs that match your search results. Select the ERA(s) that are not displaying in RXNT and click  Requeue.



Once you’ve selected Requeue please allow up to 24 hours for the ERA to be visible in RXNT.



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