Claim Rejection: Invalid Rendering Provider NPI#

Rejected claims due to an invalid NPI number for the rendering provider

Let's start by, navigating to the Application Dashboard and clicking on Rejected Claims in the Alerts section.

On the claims tab under rejected, click the orange triangle located in the Rejection Status column which displays the reason for the rejection.


Click the Claim# to view the claim form.

In this example, the CMS 1500 HCFA form is displaying the incorrect NPI#.

Update rendering provider NPI#

Next, navigate to Utilities, Providers, and Rendering Providers. Select the Rendering Provider and update the provider NPI#.

Resubmit claim

Under Rejected, select the Checkbox next to the encounter # and click Send Selected.

The claim will be resubmitted and placed in the Pending tab with the correct NPI#.


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