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RXNT partners with Scalabull to provide our customers with interfaces for lab orders and lab results. While interfaces with LabCorp and QuestDiagnostics are the most requested, Scalabull boasts connections with laboratories, radiology providers, and health networks across the US and will assess the viability of new or custom connections. If you are processing a high volume of lab orders and want to automate the process, follow the steps below to get connected with Scalabull. 

Step 1: Scalabull Introduction

Navigate to to learn more about the Scalabull network. 

Step 2: Ready to Get Started

Once you’ve decided to get started with a lab interface, click here to request a connection. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about requesting a lab interface. Read this page carefully as there are steps you need to understand to ensure a successful and smooth connection with your lab or radiology service provider. 

Once you’ve navigated to the bottom of the page, click Request Interface (RXNT).mceclip0.png

Complete the form in its entirety and click Submit.

Step 3: Action Required - Contact Lab / Radiology Provider

Upon form submission, you will be immediately directed to this link outlining the final actions you need to take to obtain approval from your lab company for the interface. You will also receive an email reminder with a link to these instructions.


Step 4: Pending Approval

In Step 3, you will typically speak with your lab (or radiology) sales representative to request approval for your interface. This lab sales representative will also be the best point of contact to determine if your interface is approved or rejected.

If you are unsure of whether your interface is approved, please speak with your lab or radiology provider. If you haven’t received an approval notification, please assume your project is not yet underway.

If you do not have a sales representative for the lab, please contact the lab to be assigned one. This is often necessary to get your interface approved and will help with communication during this process. 

Step 5: Notify Scalabull of Approval (optional)

Click here once you have received your interface approval from the lab company. Complete and submit the form to notify Scalabull that you’ve received your official approval notification.

This is optional, but it helps Scalabull process your request more quickly.


Step 6: Project Kick-Off

The project is officially underway now that the lab interface has been approved. Scalabull and RXNT will work together to establish and test the connection.

Throughout this process, you will receive status update emails from Scalabull with time estimates or notifications of milestones. 

Step 7: Project Complete

Upon successfully completing your project, you will receive an email notification from Scalabull notifying your interface is live and linking to RXNT’s training materials. 

Email RXNT at if you need to schedule a training session for this feature. 


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