Record patient services using the Charge Capture App

The RXNT Mobile Charge Capture app allows users to “record” patient services rendered into a billable encounter. Submitting all claims must be completed on the RXNT Billing desktop to attach the billable charge amounts.

Login & Patient Search

Tap on the Charge Capture tile to launch this section of the app. Search for the patient by last name, first name, or chart number.



Procedure CPT codes, diagnosis codes, procedure macros, and superbills must be configured on the RXNT Billing desktop to be available on the Charge Capture app. Below displays each section. 

mceclip14.jpg mceclip15.jpg mceclip16.jpg mceclip17.jpg


Add Diagnosis Codes 

Select the carrot on the CPT office visit to add the Diagnosis code.


Add Encounter Notes

The icon at the top (on all screens) adds notes to your encounter. It is not a true encounter note that is added to the EHR, it's a note that gets placed in the encounter in billing on the desktop

mceclip20.jpg. mceclip21.png .mceclip0.png


Lastly, save the encounter, and you'll receive a Success Message.


Add Patient

Tap the person icon in the top right corner to add a new patient. Add the patient's demographical information & insurance.


Home Screen 

Select the menu icon in the top right-hand corner to access the Home screen or return to the Dashboard. Navigating home provides the user with charts and reports.

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The encounters snapshot provides encounter, claim, and payment data in easy-to-read charts. Edit the date range at the top and tap Search to view a different timeframe.

Encounters Snapshot & Search



Click the filter icon at the top right-hand corner to create your search criteria for each report below

  • Unsettled Encounters
  • Encounter Claim Tracking Report
  • Adjustment Report
  • Prior Authorization Report






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