Add Patients to Charge Capture RXNT Mobile

Streamline the process of adding patients to the Charge Capture app by utilizing our convenient photo upload feature. This saves you time by replacing manual data entry with a quick snapshot of the patient's face sheet.

Log in

Begin by logging into the Charge Capture app.

Return to dashboard.png

Add patient

In the top-right corner, tap the icon to add a new patient.

Hamberger icon.png

Enter the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth.


Face sheet

Tap Take photo of face sheet.


Grant RXNT permission to access your device's camera and photos.

Photos are securely stored in RXNT and not saved on your device.



Ensure the face sheet is aligned in the camera view, and tap the checkmark to capture the photo. 

Create Patient with Facesheet.png

Add more face sheet photos if needed by tapping Take photo of face sheet. Delete photos using the trash can icon.

multiple face sheet.PNG

If no additional information is required, tap Save, followed by OK. The patient is now saved in RXNT, ready for charge entry.

Save and OK.png

Add more information

If no photo was taken, you'll need to manually enter the required fields by selecting "Add more information."


Fill in the patient's address, gender, and preferred phone number. Optionally, include the MRN, other phone numbers, and place of service.


Tap Save, followed by OK to save the patient in RXNT.


Face sheets in Billing

If you uploaded a face sheet photo while adding the patient in the Charge Capture app, it's available in Billing to assist with completing patient demographics.

To access the face sheet in Billing, click Attach on the patient dashboard.


Each photo will be labeled "Face sheet" with the date and time of patient addition in the Charge Capture app, and can be viewed while completing required demographics.



Claim scrubbing will notify billers of any missing demographic data and provide a link to the uploaded face sheet for quick reference.


Update existing patient information

Search for the patient you want to update and tap the edit icon.


Make necessary demographic changes and tap "Update


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