PMP/PDMP Integration FAQs

What if I'm already registered for my state PMP or PDMP?

You are one step closer to getting integrated! Follow the steps outlined in our integration article.

What if I've worked with Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss) previously, with another EHR vendor?

You won't have to go through the PDMP integration enrollment process again. Reach out to your RXNT Client Onboarding Coach and let them know that you've already been set up with Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss) before. Then, our team will reach out to Bamboo Health so they can send you a new set of credentials.

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Can I see PMP/PDMP information for more than one state?

PMP/PDMP information will only return for one state, since most states do not currently share their PMP/PDMP data with each other. Information will display for the integration based on the state associated with your RXNT user account.

My state requires that I check the PMP/PDMP when I prescribe medications for my patients, does the RXNT integration count for that?

Yes! If your state requires you to check the PMP/PDMP for your patients, you will need to view the full report, not just the Narx scores. Click the Report button on the patient dashboard to see the full PMP/PDMP history for your patient. Bamboo Health will record this action automatically, and makes the usage report available to your state.

Do I need separate credentials for each provider in RXNT?

No. Only one set of credentials is needed to provide PMP/PDMP access for all of your providers. Registration with PMP/PDMP integration covers your whole practice location.

Do I need separate credentials for each location in RXNT?

PMP/PDMP integration registration is based on the GROUP NPI for your practice locations. If locations have separate NPIs, then you will need a separate set of integration credentials. If your locations are all associated with one NPI, the same credentials can be used for each of them.

How does RXNT's credentialing process meet requirements to ensure only authorized users have access to PMP/PDMP data?

RXNT authenticates all group NPIs and physician NPIs during enrollment. RXNT also validates DEA licensure for credentialed providers and identity proofing is completed through a credentialing service provider.

How does RXNT restrict access to PMP/PDMP data?

RXNT requires integration registration prior to connection with any PMP/PDMP via API. This registration is completed through a third-party integration service and validates PDMP registration prior to connection.

How do RXNT's access controls ensure that only the appropriate users have access to PMP/PDMP data?

RXNT offers role-based access to PMP/PDMP data. Only prescribing providers with an applicable role will have access to see patient PMP/PDMP scores and reports. Prescribing provider information, including provider role, is sent to the PMP/PDMP via the integration.

Does RXNT track user login attempts and EHR usage?

RXNT captures login attempts and usage data for all individuals accessing a practice through RXNT. Audit logs are maintained in real-time and can be accessed by Practice Administrators. Click here to learn more about the RXNT Audit Log Report.

What information should be submitted for the vendor and software details?

Your integration request may require that you supply additional details for your software vendor. Here are some items you may be asked to supply:

Software vendor
Software version
Version 7.2
Vendor install type
EHR hosted sites
Vendor contact
IT contact
Thomas Kavukat
IT email

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