Why should I register?

Our Patient Health Records (PHR) portal allows you to manage your health records, or manage health records for a child or other person that you represent for healthcare purposes. From the PHR, you can view lab test results, complete electronic forms, schedule appointments, pay bills, and more!

Starting Wednesday, August 17th, 2023, the registration screens will be updated with a new look and feel. Click here to learn more! 

Request access from your provider

Your provider's office will need to provide you with access to the patient portal. Contact them directly to request this access.

 Not all providers use the RXNT patient portal. Your provider's office can let you know if this is a tool available to you.

Verify your identity

Once your provider gives you access to the patient portal, you'll receive an email to verify your identity.  Click Authenticate in the email to launch the identity confirmation.


Enter your information and click Authenticate. RXNT matches your entered information against the information on file with your provider to ensure that only you or an authorized representative can access the patient portal.


You will receive another email once your identity is confirmed.

Set up your account

PIN verification

Click Register in the PIN code email to complete your patient portal account setup.


 Click Request new PIN if you are completing your account set up more than 24 hours after you completed the identity verification.

Enter the 6-digit PIN and your personal information into the setup page. Click Next to proceed to account details.


Account details

Choose your username and password. Click Register to create your account.


Health records authorization

Enter your name and the date to authorize your provider's office to provide your medical information electronically. Click Accept to complete your account setup.

 If you are creating an account as a representative for the patient, you'll need to fill in the parent/guardian section of this authorization.


You will be automatically logged in to the dashboard for your patient portal account.


PDF guides

Display this in your office to get patients started! 

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Patient Health Records Portal


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