Add a Provider

The user with the correct role access will navigate to the Product Dashboard's Utility menu in the top right corner and select Providers. 

Note:  If you don't have available licenses on your subscription, you will be prompted to add more.


To add a new provider, click the +Provider button in the upper right corner.


The provider's information will pre-populate the provider details and medical details from the employed provider screen. 


Note: If the company has more than one location, and the provider is associated with all locations (using the EHR as an e-prescriber), you're given two logins.  


Add a Product

Click the +Products button to assign products to the provider. 



Example #1  Indicates you originally choose the PM solutions with unlimited monthly claims. Select Add to continue.


Example #2  indicates the provider signed up for electronic prescribing of controlled substances. However, they can prescribe at both locations but they will need two tokens, one for each location. 


Example #3 Displays the user's product subscriptions. The next set of questions begins with  Rendering provider details,  which means you choose the practice management solution, and the billing product requires that information. You can make any necessary changes if needed.

Note: If the institutional rendering provider is using the Full Suite product, the license will still be available for a non-rendering provider to use the EHR portion of the product. An institutional rendering provider and an individual rendering provider cannot use the same Full Suite license.


DEA details 

If the provider is linked to either the Electronic Prescribing (eRx) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) product, you will see the DEA Details section. You won't see this section if the provider is not linked to one of these products.

The DEA Number is only required if the provider is linked to the EPCS product. If the DEA number entered for a provider requires manual verification from the RXNT team, you will see this alert after you save the provider. Be sure to fill in all fields related to the provider's DEA so that the license can be verified.


RXNT is required by the DEA to keep a copy of the provider's valid DEA license on file. DEA certificates can be submitted using the Upload button.


Prescriptions details 

If the provider is linked to either the eRx or EHR product, you will need to upload an image of the provider's signature. You can download a signature form by clicking on the download our signature form link.


Add an image of the provider's signature using the Upload button.


Assign roles(optional) 

The practice administrator role, the billing contact role, or both can be assigned to the provider if needed. Assign a role to a provider using the dropdown list. The practice administrator role, the billing contact role, or both can be assigned to the provider if needed. Assign a role to a provider using the dropdown list.


  • Practice Admin: This allows the provider to add staff users to the system, enroll other providers, and assign other practice administrators.
  • Billing Contact: This allows the provider to manage the practice's subscriptions, licenses, and payment sources; billing contacts also receive notifications for pending invoices and have access to pay these invoices on the RXNT dashboard.

If you added a role by mistake, remove it by clicking on the x.


Note: EPCS setup ID proofing is a requirement, follow the steps above! 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be completed with before a provider can request a token for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances. When requesting your token, you'll be prompted to verify your identity with Click Verify with Start.png

Sign in to

If you already have an account, sign in with your existing account. Otherwise, click Create an accountLearn more about creating an account.

Create an account or sign in.png

Enter your personal email address and create a password.

Create an account.png

You'll receive an email from confirmation email.png

Either click the button in the email or type in the 6-digit code.

Confirm email address for creating account.png

Push notification

Select Push Notification.

MFA.png Authenticator is the app used for push notifications. You can choose to receive the link to download the Authenticator app via text or email.

Download push notification app.png

You'll receive either a text or an email with a link to download the Authenticator app.

Email to download push notification.png

Once you download the app, you will be prompted with the push notification. Learn more about Push Notification for MFA.

Your account is now secure.png

If you have not completed ID proofing with, you'll be prompted to complete it before your token request will be processed. Click here to learn more about ID proofing with

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