Generate Quality Measures Data

RXNT's Quality Measures report allows your practice to generate data for 8 measures that are supported through our Electronic Health Records (EHR) product. Additional measures are available from CMS through claims reporting and other programs. Click here to learn more about incentive reporting!

Generate the report

From the EHR, click Reports in the header, then choose All Reports.


Select EHR Reports.


Expand the section for Quality Measure Reports List.


Click Request Quality Measures Reports for 2022 to generate the measure data for your practice. This report will take a few minutes to process.


Once the report is complete, click the link to view the data.

Report data will be accurate to the previous business day.


Report data is broken into 8 measures. Click view to the right of any measure to see the detailed data.


The measure details include patient counts for all population numerators, denominators, and exceptions.


Download QRDA file

Quality measures are reported from RXNT as a QRDA file. This file can be uploaded directly to CMS or QPP.

Click Download QRDA on the measures list or the measure details to generate the file.



Available measures

RXNT offers 8 measures that are reportable from the EHR. Click on a measure below to see the population descriptions and additional resources from CMS.


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