Upload documents

Images, documents, and other files can be uploaded directly to your healthcare provider using the Documents section of the PHR. Use this tool to upload insurance cards, lab results from other providers, and other important healthcare information that you want to send to your provider.

Log in to Patient Health Records and click Documents.  


Click + Document.


Choose file

All fields on this screen are required. 

  • Doctor: The name of the provider you want to send this file to.
  • Title: allows the provider to quickly view what kind of file you are sending.
  • Description: allows you to include any details about the file.  


Click Save Document


Sent document

It will now be listed under Patient Portal Documents, and your provider will automatically be notified of the new document for their review.


Delete documents

Click Delete to the right of the document that you want to remove.


Click Delete to confirm. This document will be marked deleted in your PHR account, but the provider you sent it to will still have access to it.


Documents from the practice

Starting Wednesday, May 17th, 2023, all documents uploaded by the practice will be in the PHR.

Patient Documents

When a user from the practice uploads images from the EHR, you will now see them from the Documents tab under Patient Documents. 

If you choose you do not want the form in your portal, please contact your provider.



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