The Support Ticket Process

We know you have questions, and we are here to help guide you every step of your journey with RXNT. 

What is a ticket? 

Tickets are how the RXNT Resolution Team keeps track of your inquiry and ensures timely follow-up until your issue is resolved. No matter how you have contacted the RXNT Resolution Team, you will receive an email with a ticket number, for example, #120940. 

What can I do with my ticket number?

Keep track of your ticket number, as you can always reply to that original email to provide us with more details, or simply to ask for an update. You can also give us a call and reference your ticket number if you prefer to talk with a member of our resolution team.

My ticket has been updated, what does that mean?

When you receive another email that your ticket has been updated, you’ll know that the status of your ticket has changed. Here’s an overview of the various ticket status’ and their meanings:

Tickets are marked as New or Open when your ticket still needs to be assigned to a member of our resolution team. Tickets are assigned within 1 business day.
Tickets are marked as Pending when we need more information from you. Tickets will stay in the pending status for 3 days before the ticket is automatically closed. Don’t worry, you can reopen it at any time by simply replying to the email.
On Hold
Tickets are marked as On Hold when an issue arises that cannot be fully addressed by the RXNT Resolution team. This might be due to a system bug or an issue with one of our third-party vendors. Rest assured, we are following up with the responsible parties regularly and will provide you with an update as soon as one is available.
Tickets are marked as Closed or Solved when we have resolved the question or issue contained in the ticket. If you still feel the issue persists, please reply to the email or give us a call and we can reopen the ticket for you.

How long will my ticket have the status “On Hold”?

We do our best to resolve all tickets in a timely manner. If we have identified a system bug, we will work internally with our Engineering team to meet our resolution goals based on the priority of the ticket. 

Priority Definition Resolution Goal
Blocker Tickets related to a system bug are given “Blocker” priority when RXNT experiences a system outage. RXNT will work around the clock until the issue is resolved.
High Tickets related to a system bug are given “High” priority when core functionality within RXNT is blocked and no workaround is available. 24-48 hours.
Medium Tickets related to a system bug are given “Medium” priority when an issue is impacting a large number of customers, but a workaround is available. 5-10 business days.
Low Tickets related to a system bug are given “Low” priority when it does not fit into one of the three other categories. 2-6 weeks.


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