Statement Notes and Service Dates

Releasing October 26th, 2022

Service Dates in Statements 

Line Item

Line item service dates are displayed for the line items on patient statements in the following manner:

  • Line item from date - Line item to date
  • If one of the dates is empty, then the nonempty date is displayed
  • If both the dates are empty, then the  encounter level service dates are displayed



Add Notes

One-time note

The list of icons on the left side of the Patient dashboard display "only" when you search for the patient. The icons listed is designed specifically relates to the patient.

PP stands for: Patient Payment 
IP stands for: Insurance Payment 
PF stands for: Patient Funds
PS stands for: Print Statements
SQ stands for:  Statement Queue

When adding a note, search for your patient at the top. Click on the icon PS on the left side of the Patient Dashboard. 


Select the "Show note in the statement" checkbox and type your note in the text box below it. 


Click Save.


Permanent note

Select the "Permanent note" checkbox and type your note in the text box below it. 


Click Save


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