Complete and View Intake Forms

Fill out intake forms

If you have pending intake forms, you'll see a notification on the dashboard.

Tap on the notification to go straight to the intake forms page.


Tap Complete to open and complete an intake form.


Add information to a form

Tap on a field to add information to it. Swipe up to scroll through the intake form.

 Your provider's office creates each intake form, so the information you're asked to complete is dependent on what your provider wants to know before your appointment.


Tap Cancel at the bottom of the form to cancel completing the intake form and discard the information you entered. The intake form will remain in your Requires action list.


Save and finish later

Tap Save & Finish Later to save your progress and complete the intake form at another time. Your information will be saved and the form will remain in your Requires action list.


Submit a form to your provider

Tap Complete to save your information and complete the form. The form will be moved to the Completed section and your provider will automatically be notified that you've completed the form.


View all intake forms

Access the section

Tap on More in the bottom navigation bar.


 If you don't see the navigation bar, tap X in the upper left to close the page you're on.


Tap Documents.


Tap Intake forms to go to the section.

 You may need to swipe left to see the intake forms tab at the top of the page.


Sort intake forms

Tap Sort by under the Requires action or Completed headings to change how the form list is ordered in that section.


Tap the option you'd like to sort by, or tap Cancel to return to the list.

Sorts the form list by the date they were sent. Newer forms are at the top of the list.
Sorts the form list alphabetically by their titles.
Sorts the form list by the last name of the provider who sent them.


View a completed form

Tap View on a form in the Completed section of the page.

 You won't see this section if you haven't completed any intake forms yet.


Tap X in the upper left to close the form view.


Download a completed form

From the form view, tap the download icon in the upper right. This will download the PDF of the completed form to your device.


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