Generate a compliance report

The prescription or compliance report lists all prescriptions issued by a prescriber. The reporting period will automatically be determined from the last report generated to the current report run time. We have used a default date for all practices' reports to begin 7/1/2004. Some states have specific requirements as to the frequency of when those reports must be run. Please check with your state for its specific requirements.  

Click Reports and select Prescription Report.



Click Generate Compliance Report.


Custom reports

Click Reports and Prescription Report.


Enter report parameters and click Search.


After running the report you have the ability to sign, print, save, export, and encrypt it. 

Sign report

Check the box that states "I hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed the information on this page to confirm the accuracy." This serves as your signature on the report. 


Print report

Click Print Report.


Save report

Click Save Report to download an HTML file onto your computer. 


Export report to excel

Click Export to Excel to download a CSV file onto your computer. 


Export and encrypt report

Click Encrypt & Export to download a ZIP file onto your computer. You will need to use the temporary password provided to access the file. This password will be unique to the file.



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