View Encounters, Write a Prescription and Add a Pharmacy in the Mobile App

Log in to the Mobile App

You can search or add new patients. If adding a new patient, the same workflow as the desktop, you must add patient demographics such as name, date of birth, gender, address, and phone number, including the patient’s insurance information, which are requirements to transmit a prescription successfully.

Access the encounter

Click Encounters on the Current section of the patient dashboard. Tap an encounter in the list to view the full encounter PDF. Select the left arrow carrot on the top left corner to go back to the encounter list. 

Only Smart Form encounters that have been fully signed will be available from the mobile app. If the patient has additional encounters in draft status, it will be indicated at the top of the encounter list.

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Write a Prescription

Select the magnifying glass to search. Click on the appropriate medication strength and form. Additional information about the medication will display. Choose a recommended sig, Create New Sig, or an existing sig.  

Enter sig information. Dosage, Quantity, and Units are required; all other fields should be completed as needed. Click Next.


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 Units options are determined by NCPDP 2017071 prescription standards as required by 42 CFR 170. Prescription units allowable in NCPDP 2017071 are based on a list compiled by the National Cancer Institute.


Add a Pharmacy

Search for your patient’s desired pharmacy either within the displayed list or at the bottom, there is a list of icons, Provider Favorites, Patient Favorites, Search and Mail Orders. 

We recommend searching by pharmacy name, city, or zip code. On the Preview page, you can review all the prescription details. After review, click Send to transmit the prescription to the pharmacy. You will receive a confirmation message, Transaction Successful. 

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