Updated Encounters Page

We've updated the look for Patient Dashboard Encounters! The first of many updates our team has planned for the coming months, we've improved the look and feel of this page to help you get things done more quickly. We've also made a few changes to further streamline encounters in Electronic Health Records.

Bring on new staff quickly

We've made the Add Encounter action more prominent on the screen, making it clear to new staff members and physicians where they need to go. Get your employees up-and-running with minimal training, saving the advanced topics for a time when they are most convenient for you.


One-click gets you what you want

No more frustration! Clicking anywhere on the encounter row will open that patient's encounter and our system knows exactly what your looking for - Draft encounters will automatically launch in edit mode, Signed encounters will launch in PDF preview mode.


All of your actions in one convenient spot

Search no more! We've pulled all of the encounter actions into one convenient menu, so you can always find exactly what you're looking for with one click. Plus, we've added even more options - Sign and Release right from the Encounter table in this new menu!


Streamlined Encounters

...and this is just the beginning!

Smart Forms are getting an upgrade. Here are the new features you'll see when working with encounters. We've got even more planned for you soon!

Clearing up the clutter

We've streamlined the action bar in encounters, taking away the unnecessary buttons and making it easy to get to what you need. Navigate using the encounter tabs on the left, toggle components open and closed with Collapse All, and save your work with the button on the right.


Preventing accidental clicks

Tired of accidentally signing and releasing encounters that aren't ready yet? We've added a confirmation step so you can cancel the action if you clicked unintentionally. 



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