Claim scrubbing for automatically generated secondary/tertiary claims.

Automatically generated secondary/ tertiary claims will go through our claim-scrubbing queue for additional validations before going to the clearinghouse and payer. You’ll see the real-time status of your claim and get explicit information about edits and how to correct them. This helps you quickly work through the edits to send error-free claims


Access an insurance payment from the I-Payment tab.


Make sure the Re-queue box is checked for the patient.


Select the encounter for which a secondary/tertiary claim should be created.


Click on Save and Post.


The associated encounter will go to the Claim Scrubbing (In Progress) tab to get converted to a secondary or tertiary claim. As soon as the claim scrubbing is complete and no claim edits are required, the claim is sent successfully.

If claim edits are required, the encounter will move to the Claim Scrubbing (Corrections) tab.


The Payer priority column indicates if the payer is primary/secondary/tertiary.


Click on the encounter number in the Claim Scrubbing (Corrections) tab.


The encounter displays each required claim edit.


Make the edits.

Click on Save to save the changes.


The claim edits will be displayed on the encounter until you hit the Send claim or Save claim button. 


The encounter moves to the Claim Scrubbing (In Progress) tab and the process is repeated.


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