Sync, Deactivate and Duplicate your Patient Intake Forms!

What's new with patient intake forms?

We've created four great new features for patient intake forms!

  • Sync demographics submitted via intake forms to your patient's profile
  • Deactivate intake forms that have previously been created - don't worry, patients who have already received the form will still be able to complete it
  • Duplicate intake forms that have previously been created - no need to start from scratch when creating a new form
  • Finish later for patients - now patient's can save their progress without submitting the form to your practice

Automatically update patient records

Simply log into Electronic Health Records (EHR) and navigate to the Patient Dashboard. If that patient has submitted an intake form that included changes to their demographics, you'll see an alert next to their name. You'll be able to easily review the changes and choose which ones to apply to the patient record with one click.

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Minimize data entry needed from staff members

Streamline your practice more than ever! Use the Quick Add feature to add new patients, then collect additional details, addresses, and contact information directly from the patient using intake forms. Instead of typing in all of the details, causing potential entry errors, let your patients give you the information and update your records at the click of a button.

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Prevent outdated forms from going to patients

You may have an intake form that's no longer relevant to your practice, or you may have an intake form that contains errors and should no longer be sent out to patients. Now you can easily and conveniently deactivate these intake forms and prevent them from being sent to patients. Deactivated a form accidentally? No problem! You can reactivate an intake form at any time.

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Save time adding new intake forms

If you have an intake form that needs to be updated with additional questions for your patients, or if you need a new intake form that's similar to one you already have, duplicate the form to create a new one. Then, you can add, remove, and rearrange any or all of the fields in the form.

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Give your patients better flexibility

We all know it happens - sit down to complete something and a few minutes later, you realize you need to switch gears or you need to get additional information. Now your patients can save their intake forms and come back to finish them later! Saving them without submitting ensures that your patients are providing the most complete information possible when filling out intake forms.

Direct your patients to choose Save & Finish Later when completing their form!



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