Send Intake Forms to Patients

Choose a patient

 Get the most out of intake forms!

Use intake forms to get your patients full demographic profile by using Quick Add to create the patient in RXNT. Then, send the patient an intake form to collect their demographics and automatically add the details to their profile. Learn more about automatic demographic sync.

Log into RXNT and choose Electronic Health Record (EHR) or ePrescribing (eRx).


Search for a patient and navigate to the Patient Dashboard.


Access the patient profile

Click on the patient's name to open the patient's profile.


Select and send intake forms

Click Patient Forms.


Click Intake Forms.


Select the checkbox for the intake forms you want to send to the patient and click Send.


 Patients must be provided access to the Patient Health Records (PHR) portal in order to view and complete intake forms sent from the EHR.

Patients will be notified via email that there are items in the patient portal that require their attention. The patient is able to log into the PHR and complete the intake form. All completed patient intake forms will be saved to the Patient Documents section of the patient's dashboard under Electronic Patient Forms.


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