Introducing Patient Intake Forms!

Replace paper forms

With patient intake forms, you can send paperwork to patients electronically through the Patient Portal (PHR) from the Electronic Health Records (EHR) product. Patients are able to receive and complete intake paperwork electronically, removing the need for paper forms and emailed documents.

Receive important information early

Using intake forms with RXNT allows your practice to provide patients with these documents as soon as they are scheduled for an appointment. Since they receive them electronically as soon as you send them, patients no longer have to wait until they arrive at the office to fill out paperwork, eliminating schedule delays.

Flexible, customizable solution

Our intake forms are fully customizable and include a number of pre-built components as well as optional custom components. This means that you will always be able to capture the important information that you need for your patients. The exact type and arrangement of the intake form options are completely up to you!

Documents in one convenient place

When you use patient intake forms with RXNT, your patient documents are automatically saved to the Patient Dashboard in the documents section. Your front desk and records staff no longer need to manually scan and upload intake documents to the patient's chart. RXNT is doing the work for you!

Learn how they work

Ready to start using patient intake forms? Click here to create forms and send them to your patients.


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