Trading partner API implementation.

The master payer list in the billing and scheduler products has been replaced with the Change Healthcare Trading Partner API. This API provides access to the most up-to-date payer details. Billing or office managers will be able to add new payers with the latest information into the system. This change will help prevent potential claim rejections caused due to incorrect payer information.

This implementation will only affect adding payers into the system. The payers already existing in the system, will remain the same. 

Steps to add a payer in the billing product:

Click on Utilities


Click on Practice Setup


Click on Insurance Companies


Click on Add New Payer


Click on Select from RXNT master list


Enter a value in any of the following fields:

  • Trading Partner Name: This is the payer name. For example, Aetna.
  • Trading Partner ID: This ID used to identify trading partners and payers in the API
  • Service ID: This is the payer ID.
  • Service Name: Select a value from the drop-down containing the following options:
    • Professional Claims
    • Institutional Claims
    • Dental Claims
    • ELigibility


Click on the Search icon. This will retrieve the latest information for the associated payer using the Trading Partner API.


Select a payer from the returned search results


Click on OK


The payer data will be populated on the Payer screen


 The following fields cannot be edited:

  • Trading Partner Name(Formerly known as Master Payer Name)
  • Professional Claim(Formerly known as Payer Electronic Id (HCFA Professional))
  • Professional ERA(Formerly known as RealtimeTranEID (HCFA Professional)
  • Institutional Claim(Formerly known as Claim Electronic Id (UBO4 Institutional))
  • Institutional ERA(Formerly known as ERA Electronic Id (UBO4 Institutional))
  • Dental ClaimERA(Formerly known as  Electronic Id (Dental))
  • Dental ERAClaim(Formerly known as Electronic Id (Dental))
  • Eligibility(Formerly known as Eligibility EID))


Enter the required information and click on Save


This saves the payer in our system.

Note: Follow the same steps to add a payer in the Scheduler.


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