Cancelling a Prescription on the RXNT Mobile Apps

To send a message to the pharmacy to cancel a prescription from the RXNT mobile app, find the prescription you would like to cancel on the History section of the patient's record and select it. Click the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen and select Cancel Rx at Pharmacy. If the pharmacy does not accept cancel requests electronically, then this option will not be displayed.


Selecting Cancel Rx at Pharmacy immediately sends the cancel request to the pharmacy. The status will display Pending Cancel until the pharmacy sends a response to the cancel request.


Once the pharmacy responds to the cancel message, the status will update. If the pharmacy approves the cancel request, the status will change to Cancel Approved and the prescription will display with a strikethrough on the history. If the pharmacy sends any additional notes about the cancel request, they will be displayed after the status.


If the pharmacy denies the cancel request, the status will change to Cancel Denied and the prescription will remain active on the history. The reason for the denial will be displayed after the status. 



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