Access your invoices

 You must have the billing contact role to access invoices.

Billing contacts can view and manage invoices from the RXNT dashboard. Log into RXNT and select Utilities in the upper right. Select Invoices


Subscription information and pricing will appear at the top of the screen.


Invoices and purchase history will appear at the bottom of the screen.


View an invoice

To view an invoice, click the invoice number in the invoices table.



The invoice will be downloaded to your device as a PDF file.


Pay invoices

To pay one or more invoices, select the checkboxes to the left of the outstanding invoices you want to pay. Note: failure to pay invoices by the due date may result in users being locked out of their accounts until the invoice has been paid.


Choose your payment option and click Pay Now. The Total Due will be displayed and your payment method will be charged for this amount.


View recent purchase history

 Purchase history displays the dates that additional subscription licenses were purchased.


To review a specific purchase, click on the date in the purchase history list


The purchase confirmation and details are displayed. Click x in the corner of the pop up to close out of the purchase details.



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