Thales MobilePASS App-Soft Tokens

Activate Soft Token

You can launch the MobilePASS app on your mobile device.


Select the token you want to remove.


Enter your four-digit token PIN and click Continue.


Your token is now linked to your RXNT account and will automatically get activated for use after syncing with the SureScripts network, which may take up to 60 minutes.


MobilePASS for watchOS

The SafeNet MobilePASS app turns your watchOS device into a two-factor authentication device, removing the need to carry an additional hardware token.

Once a token is activated on the SafeNet MobilePASS iOS app on your iPhone:

  • If PIN-protected, enable your watch biometrics to display the token in the SafeNet MobilePASS watchOS app.
  • It will automatically show in the SafeNet MobilePASS watchOS app if it is not PIN-protected.

Enabling watch biometrics 

  1. Open the SafeNet MobilePASS iOS app on your iPhone.

  2. Select Settings on the token.

  3. Slide the Enable Watch Biometrics button to the right to activate watch biometrics.


Your token is displayed in the SafeNet MobilePASS watchOS app.


Remove the Token

Select the gear symbol in the bottom right of the token app.


Select Delete Token.




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