All 2020 Changes in RXNT due to NCPDP Requirements

NCPDP, the governing body that provides industry standards for the transmission of electronic
prescriptions, has issued a change to script standards that will go into effect on December 30th, 2019. The latest change to the NCPDP script standard will impact you in four key ways:

  1. Height and weight must be entered on prescriptions when a patient is 18 years or younger.

  2. Preferred drug names can still be used for compound medications. In addition, the new standard allows compounds to be sent as structured medications. For more information click here

  3. All mail order pharmacies will be returned in the pharmacy search screen, regardless of the criteria entered.

  4. Cancel notes will be displayed in the "Cancel Status" section of the "Previous" tab in medications when Surescripts cancels an EPCS medication.

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