All new prescriptions are started from the Medications section of the Patient Dashboard.


To search for the medication, type in the Write Rx box above the medication list. You can also select Fav Drugs to choose a medication from your list of favorites.


Click on the appropriate medication to begin the prescription. This will automatically prompt you to add additional information. Choose a Recommended Sig or an existing Custom Sig by clicking on the button to the left of the sig. You'll have the ability to adjust the details.


If no sigs exist, or if you need to start from scratch, choose Create New Sig or the Sig Builder. The Sig Builder is just a simplified version of the medication details editor, which allows you to select from listed options and avoid manually keying in details.


If the medication will interact with a patient allergy that's been documented in RXNT, you may be prompted with an interaction warning. You can accept the interaction or choose to find an alternative for the patient. 


Complete any additional medication details, then click Add Drug to prescribe additional medications, or Continue to finish the prescription.


Choose the pharmacy by clicking on the name of the pharmacy from the list. The Patient Favorite Pharmacies will automatically be shown, but you can also view Prescriber Favorite Pharmacies or search for a new pharmacy using the search options. (Note: If you are prescribing a controlled substance, make sure that the selected pharmacy has EPCS listed in the Type column. This means that the pharmacy is certified to accept controlled substance prescriptions electronically.)


On the prescription preview screen, you'll be prompted again if there are any interactions for the medication. You'll also have the option to edit any of the prescription information prior to sending. If you're ready to send the prescription, click Send to transmit it to the pharmacy. If any controlled substances are included, you'll be prompted to enter your RXNT account password and your token OTP for two-factor authentication.



If you are setting this prescription up on behalf of a provider, and it either contains any controlled medications, or you don't have access to send prescriptions on behalf of the provider, click Save as Pending to save the prescription for provider approval.


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