Work queues allow you to manage your work and your team by creating filters that ensure you only see the most important information when accessing the Encounters, Claims, Patient Payments, and Insurance Payments modules.

First, determine how you’d like to perform the work. Then navigate to the module and add the filter(s).

For example, this user only wanted to see Insurance Payments from Aetna.


Once you have created your filter, select the "Favorites" icon. 


Give the filter a name  and click “Save.” You can create an unlimited number of favorites for each sub-tab available in the module.


Once you have your favorites, pick the one that is most important to your workflow and set it as your default view. The default is what you will see each time you access the sub-tab in that module.


You can navigate to another favorite by clicking on the filter in the list. 


To access a view that is not on the favorites list, reset and create your new filter. 



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