How to create a Super Bill

To Create a new Super Bill please go to Utilities > Practice Setup > Superbill Setup > New Super Bill. Here you will Name your Super Bill, give it a description if you would like, and begin selecting your codes. Notice that the Procedure Codes, Diagnosis Codes and Miscellaneous Charges are in three separate tabs. You want to select all that you would like to have on your Super Bill within each tab.



Notice in the screenshot above there is a drop down menu that says "SuperBill Groups". You have the ability to create specific groups​ of coding if you would like. This way your coding is under certain headings on your Super Bill. For instance, you make make a Super Bill Group named "Office Visits", and assign all of your E&M codes to this group. You can then assign these groups to specific Super Bills. 


To create a new Super Bill Group please go to Utilities > Practice Setup > Superbill Setup > Super Bill Group > New Super Bill Group.

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