Insurance Company Setup

The Insurance Companies section is for the payer set-up or the entity, other than the patient, responsible for financing, or reimbursement for the cost of the services rendered.

Payers must be set up so that claims can be sent and payment can be rendered. To set up a Payer, click Utilities in the top right corner.



Click Practice Setup and then Insurance Companies


By selecting New Payer you are able to allocate the payer or person/entity responsible for the payment of the claim. Select Payer from the RXNT Master List, which contains information for over 3,000 payers.




New Payer Setup

  • Select the payers’ name
  • Payer Electronic ID automatically populate
  • Primary payers claims will remain electronic while claims from smaller companies and Worker’s Comp will be printed
  • The secondary claim is typically printed for a hard copy of the HCFA1500
  • Claims indicator is Commercial unless Medicare, Veterans, and other exclusions
  • apply
  • Type of insurance must be from the drop-down menu
  • The default fee schedule is what the practice has set up for the practice
  • Claims specific rules can be added which apply to the payer when creating the EDI or the HCFA1500 form.

     Currently, there are six rules listed but if more are identified they can be added in less than one weeks’ time. Please contact RxNT support at 800-943-7968 to request a rule to be added.

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