Post Insurance Payments

Click on I-Payment in the Navigation Bar

The entering of insurance payments and the refunding of insurance payments can be done here.

All applied, unapplied, and payment transactions for a given time period can be viewed. To create a new payment manually, select New Payment and then search for patient: 



ERA payments received will be in the client unapplied tab.

Search for Patient by selecting + New Payment and then apply the payment to the encounter as a whole or to an individual line.



NOTE: Encounters can be also searched by claim number.

Click on the line containing the patient’s name and the full detail will appear.

By selecting the patient, the Case DetailEncounter Payment and Encounter Detail Paymentbecome are available to be viewed in full.




Payments will be posted at the Encounter Detail level.

  • Select the patient, then the date of service needing allocation, then allocate in the Encounter detail level area.
  • The audit log is a quick access to see all allocations.
  • The ERA Summary is a summary of claims coming from their clearinghouse into RxNT.
  • Icons:

 Edit  Clear  Encounter  Open Cases

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