How to Create Patient Funds

Patient Funds can be created a few different ways.


1) Users can post a patient payment to an individual patient, without allocating funds to specific line items or dates of service. This will automatically post funds to the patient's fund account.

2) Users can go to Menu > Patient Funds > search the patient name (the patient will only populate if the patient has had a Patient Fund Prior. If they have not, the user will select "New Patient Fund", then add the patient) > select the green plus sign at the "Patient Fund Details" > then select "Credit" from the line added. Here the user will put the Patient Fund amount they would like to create. Note: This is also the process used if users would like to "Debit" an amount from the Patient Fund Balance, should the fund be inaccurate.

3) If a patient paid a specific amount, then the payer states the patient portion should have been less. RxNT will automatically create a Patient Fund for you.


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