Submitting Claims through Optum's Clearinghouse (iEDI)

In light of the recent Change Healthcare outage, RXNT connected to Optum’s Intelligent EDI (IEDI) clearinghouse as a temporary workaround for claim submission only

Please make note of these key details: 

    • The IEDI workaround is temporary and is for claim submission only.
      • Dental claims are not included in this workaround.
      • Avoid sending claims to payers where enrollment is required. To check if enrollment is required, click here to view Optum’s payer list. Further instructions on payers requiring enrollment will be made available as they are received. Note: If you weren't enrolled before the outage, this option may not be suitable for you. 
      • Do not make changes to the payer IDs in your RXNT account, as doing so will result in issues when the Change Healthcare connection is re-established. All IEDI payer IDs have been mapped to CHC payer IDs, so all you need to do is start sending claims. 
      • If you choose to use the IEDI workaround, you will still need to access payer sites to collect ERAs or 835 files and upload the payments into RXNT manually. For instructions on ERA imports, click here.
      • Claim rejections and acceptance notices will be made available to you directly within RXNT. You should also correct and resubmit claims that are rejected directly within RXNT. This workflow mirrors the workflow you were accustomed to when reworking claims using the Change Healthcare connection.
As of May 9th, 2024, RXNT has fully migrated to the Relay Exchange clearinghouse through Change Healthcare as a long-term solution for claim submission. Going forward, all claims sent through RXNT, with the exception of some claims on the Pending tab of the Claims screen, will be routed to the Relay Exchange clearinghouse. 

Pending tab on the Claims Screen:

  • If a claim currently on the Pending tab of the Claims screen was originally sent to Optum IEDI, resending that claim will route the claim back to Optum IEDI to ensure no duplicate claims are created across multiple clearinghouses. 
  • Claims on the Pending tab of the Claims screen that were originally sent to Relay Exchange will be sent back to Relay Exchange if sent again. 

It is important to note that the IEDI portal will not be available to customers, but you will be able to view claim statuses in RXNT. If you need help surrounding a claim status. use of the IEDI workaround, or other topics covered in this article, contact RXNT's Customer Service Team for assistance. 


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